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"It's about trying to achieve greatness"

                Bradley Wiggins, Tour de France Champion, 2012

Since I started triathlon I've set my goals increasingly higher. This season I set a bike PB on the Cotswold 70.3 triathlon on the hottest day of the year. I've got a really busy schedule but when I set a goal I make sure I achieve it. Next year I'll be taking on my first Iron Man in Austria. After that I'll be focussing on getting even quicker

Brusk, UK

Even though I had been used to training for running I wasn't confident that I was getting the most out of my cycling training. I love the blend of structured training sessions and bike rides that allow me to just enjoy being out on my bike.This year I led a group ride to Paris which I completed easily. I enjoy all cycling disciplines and I'm already a lot more competitive in road and cyclocross events.

Mel, UK

I came into cycling through some friends at the gym who invited me out on a ride. Fast forward a few years later and now I'm absolutely hooked. I specialise in 10 mile time trials but I always enjoy a good tear-up with my cycling friends on a Saturday morning.

Paul, UK

Before I got into cycling I was in the Danish National squad for rowing. I actually started cycling just for a bit of fun, but since I started training with RoadStarz I have made so much progress that I've even started doing a few races. I've completed the Granfondo Pinarello in a pretty decent time too, but I'm pretty confident I'll be riding it much more quickly next time.

Henning, Denmark

I started cycling with RoadStarz as a way of cross training for karate. I actually had an ongoing issue with the muscles are around my knee - which I had literally tried everything to resolve.  After two sessions of RoadStarz training I become hooked. I could soon run up - and down - the stairs, and my fitness has just been getting higher and higher. There may be weeks when I have to cancel Karate, but I will never miss a RoadStarz training session. 

Nic, UK

I've been time trialling for quite a few seasons now, and until I started training with RoadStarz I thought my fastest rides were behind me. Well I'm happy to say they're not! I'm getting quicker and quicker. I don't have a lot of time to train so I need to make every ride count - and they certainly do. My pedaling technique and fitness have improved considerably. I'm more motivated than every before.

Gerry, UK

What I really like about RoadStarz is that I don't have to understand any of the technical stuff to do with training and fitness, it's all done for me. I just download the sessions from the calendar and ride the bike! I already had a powermeter and a Wattbike but I knew that I wasn't getting the most out of them, but now all of my training data is being used to develop my next block of training sessions and for the first time ever I know that I'm training in a way that is 100% right for me.

Andy, UK & Spain

Although I'm fairly new to cycling, I enjoy taking on a challenge. I've already completed the London to Brighton and London to Paris is now one of my next targets. I've also started doing a bit of time trialling so I've got a good mix of long endurance and short, high intensity events that I want to train for. I love the video progress reviews that I get from my RoadStarz training plans, they show me where I have improved and how much more I need to improve by to reach my goals.

Gareth, UK

When I compare the way I train now with RoadStarz to the way I used to train it's a totally different experience, and the results are totally different too. I have always been a fast rider, but now, in my 40s, I am actually aiming to to be faster than ever before, and I know, thanks to the way that I now train, it's possible for me to achieve faster times now than I did when I was in my 20s.

Jason, UK

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