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  • Do I need a powermeter or a heart rate monitor to use a RoadStarz training plan?
    Powermeters are the best way to monitor training intensity and they provide the best data for training and racing analysis. Heart rate monitors are also very good, but beware that heart rate is not as sensitive to changes in pace or exertion. All RoadStarz training sessions are available with Rating of Perceived Effort values for mointoring exercise intenisty for riders who have neither powermeter nor heart rate monitors. In terms of training analysis then powermeters are optimal, followed by heart rate monitors.
  • What is RPE?
    RPE stands for Rating of Perceived Effort. It is a subjective self assessment of how hard exercise feels (RoadStarz uses the 1-10 scale). For riders who have neither a powermeter nor a heart rate monitor, RPE is a great way to monitor riding intensity, although there is less data available to analyse the training sessions so your feedback will be based on subjective ratings and speed / distance.
  • I have never been coached and I'm not sure if I'm good enough to warrant being coached - is RoadStarz for me?
    Yes! RoadStarz exists to revolutionise cycling training for amateur riders. There is no need for amateur cyclists to waste time and effort with random rides if they're looking to achieve a high level of fitness. RoadStarz is the only service aimed exclusively at amateur riders.
  • I don't want to race, I just want to ride, can I still sign up for a RoadStarz training plan?"
    Of course! Many cyclists simply love to ride and the enjoyment is amplified with a higher level of fitness. RoadStarz is not aimed soley at those riders who compete, but obviously those riders are very welcome too.
  • I haven't got a lot of time for training but I really need some help to get the most out of my training, can RoadStarz help me?"
    Yes. RoadStarz training plans can be completely customised. Basically, you outline your objectives and your long and short terms goals, let us know how much time you have for training, and RoadStarz will do the rest. Of course, if you're objectives or goals are slighty over-reaching in view of how much time you can commit to training then we will work with you to build a more realistic programme which would enable you to work towards more ambitious goals in the longer term.
  • Do I need a turbo trainer?
    No. All plans can be followed inside or outside.
  • I only train indoors as the roads are too busy where I live, can I still use a RoadStarz training plan?"
    Yes. All training plans can be followed indoors or outside. The 2 and 3 star plans offer complete customisation so you can limit any or all of your sessions to a duration of your choice.
  • I use Zwift, is it compatible with RoadStarz training plans?"
    Yes, just indicate on the rider profile if you need your sessions to be Zwift compatible.
  • I use Trainer Road, is it compatible with RoadStarz training plans?"
    Yes, just indicate on the rider profile if you need your sessions to be Trainer Road compatible.
  • How long does it take to receive my training plan?
    The Rider Profile dicument and Rider Consent document will be sent to you upon receitpt of payment. The turnaround between payment and design and production of your training plan is 5 working days.
  • Is there a sign up fee?
    No. There are no barriers to buying a RoadStarz training plan. The training plan will be delivered to you 5 working days from payment.
  • Is there a minimum sign up period?
    No. You can end your training plan at any time although you will be required to give one month's notice.
  • Can I switch between different plans?
    Yes, your training plan package can be changed prior to the next 5 week training block being issued.
  • Can I contact you to answer questions that I have about training?
    If you're on the 3 starz plan you can send an email to Nic and he will return an answer within 24h during Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00hrs GMT. Riders on one and two starz plan ca commonicate directly with Nic during the monthly video call/
  • Do you cover diet and nutrition?
    The Hot Topics area of the website is specifically designed to teach riders about new developments in training and racing, including nutrition and psychology. Every tutorial will have a take-home message, explaining how riders can implement new stratgies into their training.
  • I can't access the group rides, does this matter?"
    No. Although RoadStarz clients are entitled to participate in group rides, they are not in themselves part of a RoadStarz training plan. Instead they are low intensity social rides, exclusively for RoadStarz clients. Prospoectictive new customers are invited to join in upon request.
  • I don't live close enough to do a one to one session, is this a problem?"
    No. Everything you need is included in your training plan. One to one sessions outside of the Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxforshire area of the UK are available upon request and are subject to a price on application.
  • Can I contact you to make changes to my training plan?
    Each plan includes a regular video call meeting with Nic, during which you outline your personal schedule for the coming month. Your training is then designed around your personal schedule. Riders on the three start plan can contact Nic by email at any pont to ask questions or simply just to check in with a mid- plan training report.
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